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Pricing and Design

Everything Included in One Simple Price. Simple.

We have a different approach to pricing. We don't believe in haggling or offering one-time discounts. Everyone knows that discounts are built into the price - so is it really a discount? Instead, we have designed our pricing strategy with our customers in mind. There are no hidden costs, and you only pay for exactly what you want - a simple and transparent pricing structure.

Our garden escapes are now completely customizable, making the process easier for our customers. You have the freedom to create the perfect escape for yourself because no one knows you better than you.


Choose Your Size

Select the perfect size for your garden from our 5 available options, providing a wide range of choices to suit your needs.


Choose Your Configuration

After selecting your preferred size, you can proceed to personalize your choices by selecting from various decking and window options available.


Choose Your Finishes

It is now time to select the finishing touches. You can choose from a variety of options for cladding, skirting, doors, and flooring.

Choose Your  Size

We at Forefront Garden Rooms have made the process easier for you by presenting five size options to choose from. These sizes come in varying widths, all with a depth of three meters, which are displayed below. This simplifies the selection process, enabling you to find the ideal size to suit your requirements.

£18,630 inc vat

3.2m x 3m

A 3x3 Garden escape is a great size for at home working, a fitness area or even a simple guest room.

Choose Your  Configuration

We have a wide range of fantastic options available for you to choose from. Whether you prefer to have more natural light entering your space, a secluded deck to relax and enjoy the beautiful sunset, or even both, we've got everything you need.


£24,000 inc vat

Deck + Window

£26,620 inc vat

Additional Window

£25,020 inc vat


£25,620 inc vat

Choose Your  Finishes 

Customize your garden escape by selecting from a variety of colours and materials for your cladding, skirting, doors, and floors. Create a unique and personalized space that reflects your style and meets your functional needs.

Stone Grey Cladding

Stone Grey

Redwood Cladding


Olive Green Cladding

Olive Green

Light Grey Cladding

Light Grey

Ivory Cladding


Coffee Cladding


Charcoal Cladding


Need Some Inspiration?

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