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Garden Room Interior

Forefront is a widely experienced building contractor bringing commercial precision to your garden

The global lockdown brought a standstill to many businesses, including ours, but it also allowed us to spend more time at home and get to know our neighbors better. One such neighbor was Stuart, who shared with us his longing for a peaceful and serene space in his garden where he could escape the chaos of the world.

Inspired by Stuart's vision, we saw an opportunity to bring our skills and experience to the forefront and bring his dream to life. We worked together to design a stunning garden room, sourced the best materials and distributors, and installed it with precision. The end result was a beautiful and tranquil haven that brought a smile to Stuart's face and a sense of peace to his heart.

The success of this project sparked a fire in us and we realized that many others might be in a similar situation and in need of a peaceful escape within the comfort of their own homes. With commercial work slowing down, we adapted, transferred our 20 years of experience, and set out to develop a truly remarkable product. Our relentless efforts and determination have paid off as we have expanded and advertised, and two years later, we remain steadfast in our mission to bring the joy and peace of a garden room to others. Our story is a testament to the power of resilience, innovation, and determination, and we are proud to continue creating beautiful spaces that bring people closer to nature and provide a place of solace, just like we did for Stuart.

Proud to be awarded most sustainable Property Developer once again for 2021.

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